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  • Dakar Street Percussion WAV
    6 August 2020
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    Dakar Street Percussion WAV

    Dakar Street Percussion

    HiDERA | 06 August 2020 | 391 MB

    This edition of Sessions was recorded on location in Dakar with producer and recording artist, Iss 814 in an effort to capture the sounds of Dakar’s nature and city life. We recorded the sounds of the city streets, street performers, and found sound percussion created by hitting various materials with sticks. We walked down the streets of the Les Almadies capturing the ambient sounds of birds, the ocean, and cars on the streets. We also collected trash strewn along the beaches and turned it into drum kits. The resulting pack is electrified with organic energy and vitality only found in Dakar. The sounds in this pack were recorded using zoom H6 digital portable recorders and a Sennheiser ME 66 shotgun microphone.

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  • Afro Psychedelia WAV
    6 August 2020
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    Afro Psychedelia WAV

    Afro Psychedelia WAV

    HiDERA | 06 August 2020 | 623 MB

    Afro Psychedelia is a subgenre of music that was exported from magesy download African culture, remixed in the West, then re-imported back to Africa, where it was taken to a whole new level. Blues and rock music originated in Africa but took new forms when it reached America. Jimmy Hendrix, Chuck Berry, James Brown, and other African American rock musicians put their twist on it. Psychedelic rock is one of the most notable subgenres from magesy download this movement. When it made it’s way back to Africa, native musicians added flavor with traditional instruments, pushing the psychedelic sound even further. African countries like Senegal, Nigeria, and Zambia saw a rise in what became known as Afro Psychedelia.

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  • PercussionGodz Vol.1-6 WAV
    4 August 2020
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    PercussionGodz Vol.1-4 WAV

    PercussionGodz Vol.1-6

    HiDERA | 04.08.2020 | 3.93 GB

    From the sonic depths of an ocean of cultures, PercussionGodz is a series of raw percussion instruments spanning the globe ready to bring a variety of color into your tracks. Played by a percussionist and sound designed by a producer to bring you a balanced and effective sound, This pack incorporates a family of instruments with both dry, raw recordings to produce yourself as well as wet produced loops/sounds to plug and play. This pack and the PercussionGodz series is packed with hundreds of loops and one shots you can use in a variety of styles. Keep an eye out for this series percussion because with all of these packs you won’t need another collection of world percussion drums & instruments!

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  • RARE Sounds Vol.1-3 WAV
    3 August 2020
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    RARE Sounds Vol.1-3 WAV

    RARE Sounds Vol.1-3

    HiDERA | 03 August 2020 | 619 MB

    Accumulation of various instruments from magesy download Brazil, Cuba, West Africa, Southern Africa, Asia, Jamaica, and other countries from magesy download around the world. RARE contains never before sampled hybrid instruments mixed with a different take on sampling “found” instruments as well as new sounds of many ethnic and cultural instruments. Created by a percussionist/producer who has extensively traveled and obtained these instruments first hand and curated them with a different fresh perspective on sampling to fit contemporary styles or use for that of any producer in any style. Expect to see more RARE instruments in the near future with fresh loops, textures, and sounds to paint your sonic landscape.

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  • Drums And One Shots WAV
    1 August 2020
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    Drums And One Shots WAV

    Drums & One Shots

    HiDERA | 01 August 2020 | 521 MB

    Rare Drums & One Shots features a twist on your typical drum kit. It contains 350 sounds including kicks, snares, hi hats, loops, 808s, and mixed percussion loops containing various sounds and textures layered together. These are great alternatives to your typical drum samples found in today’s sample scene. Fresh and original.

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  • World Melodics Vol.2 WAV
    1 August 2020
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    World Melodics Vol.2 WAV

    World Melodics Vol.2

    HiDERA | 01 August 2020 | 850 MB

    These are all original, real instruments collected, recorded, and sound designed for the modern music creator. World Melodics vol.2 features new melodic percussion instruments curated by a percussionist and designed for the producer like yourself. These sounds and loops can used in variety of styles and are also meant to serve as inspiration for creativity. Also featured are one shot chord racks made from magesy download different kalimbas. Instruments featured are Chinese Zither, Thai metal percussion, native american flutes, metallophone, handpan, kalimba, Mbira, etc.

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  • World Melodics WAV
    1 August 2020
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    World Melodics Percussion WAV

    World Melodics WAV

    HiDERA | 01 August 2020 | 724 MB

    World Melodics v.1 is an accumulation of melodic percussion instruments and textures, old and new from magesy download around the world. Sounds Spanning from magesy download vibraphone, tongue drums, and Native American flutes to kalimbas and Mbira from magesy download Southern Africa to hybrid metal gamelan from magesy download Thailand and much more. Featuring over 500 loops as well as one shot racks of Kalimba and Mbira chords so you can load up & create your own works with the unique feel of these instruments. Take a listen. The sound and feel of these instruments speak for themselves!

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  • Spicy Riddim Drums Vol.1 WAV
    27 July 2020
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    Spicy Riddim Drums Vol.1 WAV

    Spicy Riddim Drums Vol.1

    HiDERA | 27 July 2020 | 310 MB

    Spicy Riddim Drums Vol. 1 is the debut collaborative sample pack from magesy download bass music Powerhouses Virtual Riot and Modestep. This sample pack will cater to all your bass music drum sample needs! Patrick Lundy (Modestep drummer) has hand selected, tuned and performed single hits and drum fills at all different dance music tempos using a range of his favorite acoustic drums. Virtual Riot played the role of the producer, recording and directing the sessions whilst adding his classic processing skills to create quality drum samples that sound perfect without having to add any of your own processing.

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