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  • Chillstep Acoustic Guitars Vol.1 WAV-AUDiOSTRiKE
    4 August 2020
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    Chillstep Acoustic Guitars Vol.1 WAV-AUDiOSTRiKE

    Chillstep Acoustic Guitars Vol.1 WAV

    AUDIOSTRiKE | 19/09/2015 | 117 MB

    Looking to add some authentic acoustic guitar to your tracks? “Chillstep Acoustic Guitar Volume 1” features 151 instrumental loops perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to chillout, chillstep, world and downtempo tracks. This pack includes rhythmic acoustic guitar phrases, melodic accents, sfx loops, bass tones and lead riffs. Loops are arranged in easy to use packs and instruments have been recorded using high end instruments and microphones.

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  • Acoustic Guitar 09 WAV
    1 August 2020
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    Acoustic Guitar 09 WAV

    Acoustic Guitar 09

    FANTASTiC | 01 August 2020 | 13.2 MB

    The library is based on 15 acoustic guitar samples with tempo and key information. Each phrase is usually between 4 and 8 bars long plus a separate end. All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. The genres range from magesy download pop, rock, chill out to country.

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  • Fraxille Sample Library Vol.1 WAV
    12 June 2020
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    Fraxille Sample Library Vol.1 WAV

    Fraxille Sample Library Vol.1

    FANTASTiC | 12 June 2020 | 585 MB

    This is the first sample library from magesy download Fraxille. Featuring samples composed by Fraxille with acoustic and electric guitars, real synths and synths inside plugins, pianos, flutes and etc. The library includes 90 samples, which are organized in different folders for easy access if you are in the studio with an artist or want to find a specific type of sample fast.

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  • Fraxille Sample Library Vol.2 WAV
    12 June 2020
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    Fraxille Sample Library Vol.2 WAV

    Fraxille Sample Library Vol.2

    FANTASTiC | 12 June 2020 | 654 MB

    This is the second sample library from magesy download Fraxille. Equipment used: Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, flutes, pianos and synths. The library includes 90 samples, which are organized in different folders for easy access if you are in the studio with an artist or if you want to find a specific type of sample fast.

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  • Mixing Acoustic Guitars TUTORiAL
    12 May 2020
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    Mixing Acoustic Guitars TUTORiAL

    Mixing Acoustic Guitars

    P2P | 12.05.2020 | MP4| 1.95 GB

    Learn to fit any acoustic guitar into any mix. Over 2 1/2 hours of in-depth tutorials to help you take your mixes to the next level, today.

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  • This Is Brazil MULTiFORMAT
    7 June 2019
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    This Is Brazil MULTiFORMAT

    P2P | 07.06.2019 | 6.05 GB

    REX: 1.43 GB | RMX: 2.30 GB | AiFF: 2.17 GB | WAV: 2.2 GB

    This Is Brazil! Over 3.5GB in 10 kits will give you plenty of material in a genre that has heavily influenced modern music. Packed full of Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drums, Congas, Rhodes, Pianos, Shakers, Synth Pads and String Pads, This Is Brazil contains all the elements you need for your next bossa nova or samba inspired production. This Is Brazil has been formatted in all the industry standard file types: Apple Loops, Acidized WAV and REX. Every piece of commonly used hardware and software will be compatible with at least one of these fully developed and usable formats. Each audio file has been expertly cut and edited to loop perfectly, and has been recorded in the highest quality 24-bit rate to ensure absolutely top quality end results.

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  • Acoustic Guitars KONTAKT
    9 May 2019
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    Acoustic Guitars KONTAKT

    P2P | 09.05.2019 | 5.93 GB

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  • Country Acoustic Guitars WAV
    11 April 2019
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    Country Acoustic Guitars WAV

    FANTASTiC | 10 April 2019 | 46.7 MB

    This is a pristine collection of basic rhythms at various tempos. You’ll get 58 loops ready to go! Folk, Country, Blues Rock, Bluegrass. Includes a handful of harmonicas as well.

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  • Layered Acoustic Guitars Vol.1 WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
    10 October 2018
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    Layered Acoustic Guitars Vol.1 WAV

    AUDiOSTRiKE | 23/09/2015 | 125 MB

    Add a little acoustic authenticity to your music with “Layered Acoustic Guitars Volume 1”. This pack features 68 nylon and steel string guitar loops arranged in 9 convenient loop packs ranging from magesy download 80 to 140 BPM. Each pack contains multiple acoustic guitar parts (rhythm, lead, accents, fx) including mono and stereo tracks. Use the loops as is to add a little depth to your tracks, or sprinkle liberally with reverb to produce something magical.

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  • Platinum Acoustic Guitars WAV REX-FANTASTiC
    12 June 2018
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    Platinum Acoustic Guitars WAV REX

    FANTASTiC | 15 December 2015 | 552 MB

    Platinum Acoustic Guitars – a glorious collection of upbeat guitars riffs, chords and rhythms to create a rich melodic tapestry of music. These royalty-free loops work as building blocks for your own indie-pop masterpiece, or equally bring a live glow to your existing productions. Platinum Acoustic Guitars gives you hundreds of polished Loops, expertly played to enable you to construct rhythm, lead and arpeggio combinations as you see fit. Every Loop has its own individual tone and texture, giving you a huge variety of sounds in popular musical Keys which flow together. Every section of your song is covered, from magesy download softly plucked Arpeggios, to muted Rhythms, to solidly strummed Chords – at a range of Tempos to suit your musical style. Platinum Acoustic Guitars bring the power of this classic instrument to your fingertips, delivering a shimmering energy for songwriters everywhere.

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